Gasket Kits

Cici Boiler Rooms stocks gaskets kits for many common CB boilers, Hurst boilers, Kewanee boilers, and more!  Cici Boiler Rooms is one of the world's largest stocking distributor of gaskets that fit Cleaver Brooks boilers.


CB Fireside & Waterside Gasket Kits

880-204  Waterside Kit CB 15-40HP, 36"
880-209  Waterside Kit CB 50-100HP, 48"
880-212  Waterside Kit CB or CBLE 400-800HP, 96"
880-213  Fireside Kit CB 15-40HP 36"
880-214  Fireside Kit CB 50-100HP 48" (Before 1975)
880-215  Fireside Kit CB 50-100HP 48" (After 1975)
880-216  Fireside Kit CB 125-200 HP 60"
880-217  Fireside Kit CB 250-350 HP 78"
880-218  Fireside Kit CB 400-800 HP 96"
880-655  Fireside Kit CBLE 250-350HP 78"
880-656  Fireside Kit CBLE 400-800HP 96"
880-728  Fireside Kit CBLE 125-200HP 60"
880-747  Fireside Kit CBH 15-40HP 36"
880-748  Fireside Kit CBH 50-100HP 48"
880-780 Fireside Kit w/o Blower Items CBLE 250-350 HP
880-781 Fireside Kit w/o Blower Items CBLE 400-800 HP
880-782 Fireside Kit w/o Blower Items CBLE 125-200 HP

Be sure to check your model when selecting a gasket kit.
CB has any models (CB, CBH, CBLE, CBI, etc.)
Call us for further assistance.

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